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What podcasts/blos should I listen to/read is a question I get fairly often.  I often just go through & pic out blogs, then go through my list of podcasts on Dogcatcher and post relevant ones.  But thanks to @Infosystir for starting a Facebook Post on this I've decided to condense these into a single blog post.  The following is a Mix of podcasts and blogs.

(EDIT ADDED) More feeds, here are some RAW OPML's I glanced over them and they contain Infomation Security and other links





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Don’t blame Google for lack of Android updates, blame the carriers!

Google releases Android, manufacturers & carriers do their modifications & put it on their phones (or not).  Google then releases updates to Android, and some carriers on some models release updates sometimes.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) was released October 13, 2013, which means manufacturers & carriers have had 16 months to roll out updates on their phones and bring them the phones up to a more recent release.

I've had conversations with several people about why don't carriers upgrade the OS on the phones, and the resounding answer has been, they want to sell new phones, not support he ones on the market.  As a rule of thumb the carriers want you to buy a new phone at the latest every 18 months (wait isn't your contract for 2 years?).  It's not like we don't “buy” a phone from the carrier, enter into a 2 year agreement to keep paying them monthly, for a phone that they don't ( it seems) plan to keep updated for more than what 6 months?  It seems to me that we should have be having a conversation with the carriers about keeping the phones up to date for at least 2.5 years, beyond their launch.

Lets look at this from Google's perspective, why should they push out updates when 60% of the users don't have them anyways.  One has to wonder if the users don't have the updates because they don't update anything, or because there are not updates available for them to put on their device.

Could Google have given some advanced warning? Probably, did they? I don't know, I bought my Nexus from the play store, because I had an older phone where the carrier & the vendor did not release updates (beyond Android 2.3), well that and I could not remove apps I did not want.


— Tkrabec

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Merging Nessus Scan results

Remove the last 2 lines on the 1st document to merge:

  •  </Report>
  • </NessusClientData_v2>

On the report you wist to append to the end of this report Search for the First Host record it begins with <ReportHost name=”…  this is line 1700 in my files.

Remember to remove the last 2 lines as well as the 1st 1700 lines of every file between the 1st and the last.

Leave the last 2 lines on the last file and you're Done.

Editing Line 1699 Allows you to change the name of the report.

<Report name=”Custom Report Name Here”>


That's all for now.

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Elenco Has Great Customer Service!

For Christmas my mother bought two of the Elenco Snap Circuit kits (the sc-750) for Q&J.  They were Estatic, they had played with them a few months back at Hackid in Boston.  Q & J Loved playing with them at Hackid.  When they opened the boxes they were totally shocked to see the kits.  A little while later they opened the kits and started building.  Q figured out how to make a propeller launcher, with out reading the directions.  Unfortunately J's propeller was broken.  Shortly after Q started playing with her propeller her's broke too.  A few weeks later I wrote Elenco about the broken propellers, they asked for my address and promptly shipped out 2 new propellers, I had really only expected to get the 1 replaced.  The propellers arrived in the mail probably 2 days later.  I would like to thank Elenco for helping to sponsor hackid & for replacing the broken parts.

Awesome Kit

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New Diet! based on the Four Hour Body

I've been “working” on losing weight for a while.  My starting weight was 240lbs, with a goal of 180-185.  The diet I'm on now is called the slow carb diet, but I've been flirting on moving towards the Paleo Diet.  (Paleo Diet Info from

Based on Tim's Advice I've allowed my self a 1 day of Binge-ing.  Which worked out nicely to be Christmas day.  I'm a bit off target to make New Years Eve, but I'm gonna slide the Binge around a bit.  I did not really Binge, I more just ate some of the goodies I do not eat all week.

As of this writing I've lost about 7 lbs, only another 53 to go to hit the low end of my target.  At this rate I've got another 8 weeks to reach my goal, but realistically I'll be satisfied with  hitting my goal by next December.

My next goal is to start exercising, but I moved my home gym to the porch and it's been too cold here in FL to do anything.

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Is anyone up for a South Florida Shmoo Bus?

A large RV is 276 + mileage which is about 512.  A large RV will hold 7 people.

Approximate cost less gas is 120 per person, unless we get a sponsor.

its about a 17 hr trip 1000mi +/-

A 15 passanger Van is about 670 with mileage.

Anyone up for a trip, or want to possibly sponsor send me an email or hit me up on twitter

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Hack the Flag & Chili cook off

I've been helping organize the3 annual HTF & chili cook off this year. 8/14/2010 NOON to 5 ish. Beer + chili + hacking. We've got a ninja and a samurai (noob) section if you can make it to the area bring it.

Organize a team 2-5 peeps and kick some ass

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Back From Las Vegas

I would like to thank the crew over at Security B-Sides for allowing my son and I to help , it was beyond awesome to work with such a good group of people.  I'd especially like to thank Banadishe for giving my son a chance to help, he enjoyed the experience.   We showed up Tuesday afternoon, then the next thing I knew it was Thursday and it was time to head over to Defcon to speak,  then it was back to B-Sides for wrap-up & party.

Here are some of Jack Daniel's photos From B-Sides.

My Defcon started later Friday than I had planned about 1200.  After wrapping up the B-Sides party & helping to clean up I left around 0430.  At Defcon it was my pleasure to be tortured & tormented in the “Final” Lost Mystery Challenge.  I would like to thank a my team mates, Squire, Cutaway, Yori, Cris Roberts, Jessie (the big guy wandering around in the overalls), Sparrow  & everyone, whos names I have forgfotten in the fog of Defcon(aka severe lack of  sleep).

I would also like to thank the Skytalk crew for allowing me to speak.

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Submitted to RSA 2011

I just submitted to speak at RSA Conference 2011 USA.

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Hello People

This year has been a great year for me.  So far I've got some red team work, I had a great time doing it and I did pretty well.  I got into 8/9 places I need to get into with out a problem.

I will be speaking at Defcon 18: Hacking The Future

I've submitted for Skytalks at defcon.  I'm also working on Hacker Halted in Miami

I'm active with my local ISSA chapter.  As well as my local ASIS chapter.

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