Elenco Has Great Customer Service!

For Christmas my mother bought two of the Elenco Snap Circuit kits (the sc-750) for Q&J.  They were Estatic, they had played with them a few months back at Hackid in Boston.  Q & J Loved playing with them at Hackid.  When they opened the boxes they were totally shocked to see the kits.  A little while later they opened the kits and started building.  Q figured out how to make a propeller launcher, with out reading the directions.  Unfortunately J's propeller was broken.  Shortly after Q started playing with her propeller her's broke too.  A few weeks later I wrote Elenco about the broken propellers, they asked for my address and promptly shipped out 2 new propellers, I had really only expected to get the 1 replaced.  The propellers arrived in the mail probably 2 days later.  I would like to thank Elenco for helping to sponsor hackid & for replacing the broken parts.

Awesome Kit

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