Back From Las Vegas

I would like to thank the crew over at Security B-Sides for allowing my son and I to help , it was beyond awesome to work with such a good group of people.  I’d especially like to thank Banadishe for giving my son a chance to help, he enjoyed the experience.   We showed up Tuesday afternoon, then the next thing I knew it was Thursday and it was time to head over to Defcon to speak,  then it was back to B-Sides for wrap-up & party.

Here are some of Jack Daniel’s photos From B-Sides.

My Defcon started later Friday than I had planned about 1200.  After wrapping up the B-Sides party & helping to clean up I left around 0430.  At Defcon it was my pleasure to be tortured & tormented in the “Final” Lost Mystery Challenge.  I would like to thank a my team mates, Squire, Cutaway, Yori, Cris Roberts, Jessie (the big guy wandering around in the overalls), Sparrow  & everyone, whos names I have forgfotten in the fog of Defcon(aka severe lack of  sleep).

I would also like to thank the Skytalk crew for allowing me to speak.

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