New Diet! based on the Four Hour Body

I’ve been “working” on losing weight for a while.  My starting weight was 240lbs, with a goal of 180-185.  The diet I’m on now is called the slow carb diet, but I’ve been flirting on moving towards the Paleo Diet.  (Paleo Diet Info from

Based on Tim’s Advice I’ve allowed my self a 1 day of Binge-ing.  Which worked out nicely to be Christmas day.  I’m a bit off target to make New Years Eve, but I’m gonna slide the Binge around a bit.  I did not really Binge, I more just ate some of the goodies I do not eat all week.

As of this writing I’ve lost about 7 lbs, only another 53 to go to hit the low end of my target.  At this rate I’ve got another 8 weeks to reach my goal, but realistically I’ll be satisfied with  hitting my goal by next December.

My next goal is to start exercising, but I moved my home gym to the porch and it’s been too cold here in FL to do anything.

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